Privacy Policy

1. General Information

1.1 “Push30” LLC (hereinafter referred to as "Push30") obtains and processes personal data of sports clubs, corporate subscribers and users (hereinafter all three will be collectively referred as "partners".). Current Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "policy".) sets out the scope of the mentioned personal information, purposes for its collection, principles of use, rights of the partners and other related matters.
1.2 Personal information means any information that directly or indirectly identifies a person.
1.3 Personal data processing refers to operations performed on personal data (systematizing, updating, changing, extracting, anonymizing, storing, transmitting, destruction and deletion of personal data).
1.4 Push30 is the only information manager that manages all the information related to the partners. Push30 makes decisions about how, why and where to use the information, keeps and protects them for their safety in the database for the purpose of providing complex services.
1.5 The partners have the right to demand the deletion of personal data from Push30’s database in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

2. About Push30

2.1 Push30 provides brokerage services (hereinafter referred to as "services") to facilitate the use of sports clubs through its mobile applications to its partners.
2.2 These services are implemented through a mobile application running on IOS and Android platforms, which has a number of functions including selection and access to the sports clubs.

3. Principles of Personal Data Processing and acceptance of the Privacy Policy

3.1 When registering, partners accept the Privacy Policy with electronic confirmation by which they agree to the provison of services, collection and processing the necessary information by Push30.
3.2 Push30 shall process personal data on the following principles:
3.2.1 Use for certain, transparent purposes and in compliance with the legislation
3.2.2 Use related to the purposes for which it is collected and limited use for those purposes;
3.2.3 Use and protection within the period specified in the relevant legislation for the purposes of acquisition.

4. Purposes of personal data processing

4.1 Objectives for the use of the partners’ personal information for the full implementation of Push30’s legal obligations:
4.1.1 Ensuring the requirements of existing legislation and relevant government agencies;
4.1.2Ensuring the security of electronic accounts;
4.1.3 Preventing existing and probable disputes;
4.1.4 Full and complete fulfillment of obligations before other partners;
4.1.5 Preparation of statistical reports, research and analysis;
4.1.6 Improving the quality of services provided by Push30;
4.1.7 Execution of internal inspections;
4.1.8 Ensuring Push30’s own interests.
4.2 In addition, with this policy, partners accept to recieve emails, notifications within the mobile application and phone calls in order to get responds to their inquiries and other related updates.
4.3 This policy is applied to information collected by Push30. In this case, the accuracy of the partners' personal information depends on them and they are responsible for its accuracy. Incorrectly entered information, such as email address, may prevent Push30 from communicating with the partners.
4.4 If the Push30’s data collection policy does not satisfy the partners, the partners may withdraw their consent for the data collection. This policy and acceptance is the primary legal basis for the Push30’s data collection. Partners may also receive information on the processing of personal data, its transfer to the third parties, the use of processing in accordance with predetermined purposes, and object to the processing in violation of applicable law and purpose.
4.5 Partners should be aware that when using the mobile applications and websites, Push30 places cookies on their electronic devices for providing the use of electronic platforms. By consent to this privacy policy, the partners also agree to the placement of cookies by the Push30.
4.6 Push30 stores the personal information only for a limited period of time in connection with the use of applications and services to achieve its intended purpose. Upon expiration of these periods, if there is no reason to keep personal data, Push30 destructs personal information about partners in accordance with Article 9.4 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on “Personal Data”.

5. Scope of Privacy Policy

The following personal information is collected and processed by Push30:
5.1 Personal information - Information such as name, surname, gender, e-mail, telephone number of persons using the Services is collected and processed;
5.2 information on entrance to sports clubs - Push30 collects and processes information on the use of partners' sports clubs in order to fully comply with the security and other obligations of the partners;
5.3 Correspondence and conversation with Push30 - Push30 collects and processes information on communication with partners by e-mail, telephone and other means in order to improve the quality of service, as well as to investigate complaints and resolve disputes;
5.4 Electronic information - When using services, websites and mobile applications the sequence of access to pages, the device used, internal information about the device, IP address, operating system and browser program information are stored on Push30’s server. Restrictions on this information may be set by the partners within their devices.
5.5 User Information - Push30 collects and stores information about usernames, registration dates and passwords of persons registered on mobile applications and the website for security purposes.
5.6 Legal documents information - Push30 stores the bank details of the partners and the information contained in other required legal documents, and processes them for the purposes specified in this policy.
5.7 Push30 can send notifications to its partners to be notified of the services more quickly.
5.8 Push30 will act in the interests of itself when using the personal information of its partners.
5.9 Push30 understands the sensitivity of the information collected and therefore monitors the confidentiality of data processing and the compliance of third parties with the rules set out in this policy.
5.10 If partners have reasonable objections to the use of personal data, they may request Push30 to suspend the use of the data.
5.11 If the partners believe that the information provided is incorrect or there are changes in the information, they can contact Push30 to correct the information. To correct personal information, partners can email to [email protected] adress (

6. The main purposes of obtaining personal information

6.1 Informing partners about innovations provided by Push30;
6.2 Provide support to government agencies if necessary;
6.3 Conducting and compiling confidential statistical analysis, market research, both internally and through third parties;
6.4 Creating and managing partner’s electronic accounts;
6.5 Further improvement of communication between partners and Push30, development of services and electronic platform;
6.6 Management of purchases, services, orders, payments and other operations related to Push30;
6.7 Further personalization of services for users of Push30's mobile applications, increasing efficiency and improving the user experience;
6.8 Prevention of illegal operations, fraud and other similar criminal activities.

7. Transmission of Personal Data

7.1 Push30 provides technical support, information about services, timely updating of the application, contacting with partners, responding to requests and other necessary services. Push30 may transfer personal information to third parties, for the purposes of these actions, including research, application-related restructuring, by legislation and with the consent of the partners.
7.2 The obtained personal data may be transferred to the relevant state bodies if required by law from Push30.
7.3 If Push30 suspects any wrongdoing/illegal acts, it may share some information with the relevant state authorities to prevent illegal activities and ensure the security of the partners' personal information.

8. Destruction of Collected Data

8.1 Partners may request Push30 to destruct or delete personal data after using the services. For this, partners must apply to the e-mail address created by Push30 for information purposes. Following the application, all personal data related to partners will be deleted/destructed from Push30's servers in accordance with Article 9.4 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Personal Data.
8.1.1 Due to legal requirements, some information may not be deleted even after the request of the partners, as the need to keep that information is still valid.
8.2 Push30 will take all reasonable and precautionary measures to protect the personal data of partners in the event of doubts or deficiencies in the security of personal data.

9. Amendments

9.1 Push30 may make amendments to the current Policy from time to time. Prior to making these amendments, advance notice will be sent via contact information provided by the partners or by mobile application (In-App). The updated version of the Privacy Policy will effective after 3 (three) calendar days from the date of posting on the website.
9.2 Once the Policy is published with the updated version, the use of the mobile application or website by the partner is considered as an acceptance of all amendments. If the partner does not agree with the changes, he / she must refuse to the access to the application or website and stop using the materials and services of the application.

10. How to contact Push30?

10.1 Partners may contact Push30 for additional information or any questions regarding this Privacy Policy at the following e-mail address:

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact number: +994505553030

* I have read and accepted the Privacy Policy


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