Frequently Asked Questions

Push30 is a platform for corporate benefits in the field of health and sports. We offer our customers the opportunity to benefit from an extensive network of fitness centres, participate in various events and tournaments, and enjoy numerous fitness videos.

Access to more than 100 fitness centres in the city, unlimited access to all sports centres and many different services, participation in various fitness events, videos and discounts in partner stores

Push30 works only with corporate clients. Only after the company sign a contract with Push30, its employee can start using the service. The user must first complete the registration process. Then select the desired plan and pay. After that the subscription becomes active. Then he can start using the fitness centers according to the plan through the QR code in the application

First your company must sign a contract with Push30. If your company already cooperates with Push30, you can subscribe by completing the registration process in the mobile application and then selecting the plan from the subscription plans section.

Subscription starts as soon as payment is made and lasts for the next 30 days

You can download the app from the Apple Store and Play Store

Currently, Push30 offers 2 plans for corporate clients: ‘Standard’ and ‘Plus’ plans

The only difference is that some premium fitness centres are included in the ‘Plus’ plan, not the ‘Standard’ plan

Standard monthly plan = 68 azn, Standard annual plan = 653 azn, Plus monthly plan = 165 azn, Plus annual plan = 1584 azn, Prices include VAT

To do this, you can wait for the plan to expire or cancel the existing plan. Regarding with the cancellation of the plan, please contact Push30 customer service.

If you are a company, Push30 will send you an e-receipt. If your company does not allocate a budget for you, you can pay by bank card or terminals

If you do not pay the subscription fee on the renewal date, your subscription will be terminated. After the termination, you can start a new subscription by selecting a new plan

Enter your mobile number in the following format: 994505553030

You must provide a QR code available in the Push30 application. After scanning the QR code and verifying your ID, you will enter the centre

The QR page in the Push30 application has an active QR code. The QR code will remain active for 10 seconds.

The application has a profile page of each fitness centre included in our network. On the page you can see the exact address of the fitness centre and its location on the map

No, 1 subscription is for 1 user only. After logging in to the application from your phone, your account will be connected only to that phone

Based on the application, we can send you an updated list of fitness centres. Detailed information about all fitness centres included in our network can also be found in the Push30 mobile application

The only restriction is to visit centres maximum 2 times a day, a difference of 5 hours between scanning the QR code in fitness centres. These restrictions are designed to prevent fraud. Other than that, there is no access restriction.

You can use a different fitness centre every time you exercise

Yes, ‘Plus’ subscribers can take advantage of all partner fitness centres included in our network

Yes, you will need an active internet connection to get a QR code. If you do not have mobile internet, you can connect to a Wi-Fi network in the fitness centre

We are constantly adding new, high-quality fitness centres to our network and are open to suggestions from users. Therefore, if there is any centre you want to add to the list, let us know and we will try to include it in the list of priorities.

E-mail: [email protected] Mobile: +994505553030 +994555133030 +994502155730

The subscription freeze option is not available at this stage, but you can unsubscribe at any time

After your new company signs a contract with Push30, you can continue to use our services

Yes, each user can apply for a subscription for a family member of 5 relative (father, brother, child, spouse, etc.). An identity document must also be attached to the application for verification.

You must contact Push30 customer service to cancel the plan. If you do not want the subscription to be reactivated on the next renewal date, just click the End subscription button. Pressing the button will not affect the current ongoing plan.

To change the name and surname, please contact Push30 customer service with an identity document.


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